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Decided to look back at all my collar bone stuff from last year

Pretty interesting time. I had to stop training. Then waited two weeks with it all jacked up until I could get surgery. Then went through a rough couple days after surgery with the worst pain I’ve ever had and feeling super vulnerable. Started feeling pretty good not too long after. Luckily everything healed up good and hit the mats again 3 months later.

It’s now been 9 months since I broke it and it feels really good. I forget I even have it sometimes. Have huge dudes putting their weight on it and smashing me and it holds up well. Now just to find a good point where I can safely get it taken out and have to deal with my bone looking like swiss cheese and the time it’ll take for that to heal up. I’ll probably do it sometime next year.


Demolished my collar bone today


Who wants to see my broken bone


Went to my first follow-up today. I got to finally take the bandage off and here is what was underneath. The doctor said that the x-rays looked good and the incesion has healed well. Then I got to to have my stitches taken out. I’ll post a picture of that later. The plate feels so big. It’s buldging out. I like it though. It’s kind of cool.

9 stitches, a plate and six screw. This is my life


Look at my sweet hardware


I forgot to tell yall. My bone is officially healed

Tournament this week

I think I’ll do well. I’ve been rolling really good lately. I just need to tighten up the screws this week. Looking to add some more gold to my wall of medals


The second worst burn that Two Face has ever felt.

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My favorite things: Kitties, beer, and staying cool

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Welcome to next gen gaming.

You do know it wasn’t made for any next gen console right?

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A car drove through a house across the street while trying to escape the police.

Typical night in San Antonio

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It’s my baby boy’s birthday today!

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Animals Growing Up

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