Butterfly sweep to side control like a boss

I need to get back out there and test myself


You met me at a very strange time in my life.

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IBJJF Tournament in September

It’ll be my first big tournament. I’ve done a bunch of local ones and a NAGA but I finally get the chance to play with the big boys.

The problem is the smallest division is 127 pounds with gi. I’m around 142 right now. If I can drop 10 pounds from now till then I’ll be good. I think I can make it. I can cut a solid 8 pounds no problem the day before. I just have bad eating habits and am not ready to clean up my diet. Oh well. No better time to start than now. I’ll cut down on the beer and start making my lunches. See how that affects me. 

My game is getting good. Diego Brandao has been coaching us lately now that our coach left. Today was my first day with him really watching me and I think I impressed him. Nobody passed my guard, took peoples’ back at least 5 times, and got three submissions.

I’m excited for the changes at our gym and the new coaches. I’m going to train really hard these next couple months. I’m hungry. I feel good now but it’s not enough. I want that gold and I’ll need to really be at the top of my game to get it. 

Puppy enjoyed looking at the animals in the zoo

Scary little shit

Thank God I have the job that I do

I just got in to a pretty messy money situation. $1,200 for tuition, $1,000 for traffic tickets, student loans, jiu jitsu bills.

All taken care of. Damn it feels good to have the ability to take care of that so easily.


Paint in Oil




I was at that HEB yesterday and saw that. So funny. Somebody had to get that approved, go find all the stuff, print out the pictures, laminate them, and put prices. Well done

I can’t drink anything from a bottle without blowing and making it “toot”

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Mexican ducks … Get it. It’s because they have a bunch of kids

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Got beat up today. Diego Brandao in the background. He kicked my ass.

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Damn good weekend

Twas fun. Found a good new place to watch fights. Got some stuff for a future trip. It was nice to have the day off today and still get paid for it. Open mat was tough though. All the high level dudes came in and gave me a bunch of trouble. I did get to roll with a UFC fighter. He destroyed me. Didn’t even have to try. His grips were ridiculous. It’s good to get beat by a bunch of people, makes me hungry to get better.

I got some hurrrs cut