A car drove through a house across the street while trying to escape the police.

Typical night in San Antonio

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It’s my baby boy’s birthday today!

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Animals Growing Up

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Reblogging for Leandro Lo

Reblogging for the Miyao Bros. I love their game.

My sister’s puppy is so cute

Weekend off to a fantastic start

Huge 65 inch 1080p tv to play my PS4 on

Lovely lady to watch shows and eat pizza with

Great open mat. Worked only no gi today and got guillotines galore

Cleaned up and ready for lady round 2. 

Fresh out of the shower not knowing how to control my face


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Train hard. Win easy


I get paid for this



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Haha. What just happened?

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Licking them lips because he’s a sexy bitch


Jimmy’s wearing Shaq’s jacket and it might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. 

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